-Motion Application

          -Applications requiring servo control for high load and precision motion

          -Intelligent actuators for low load with accurate and repeatable positioning

-Vision Inspection

          -Critical applications where quality is priority

          -Demanding inspection with little room for defect slippage or false rejects

-Product marking through use of lasers

           -Providing marking of variable data (lot number, unit product identification)

-Machine direct data systems that eliminate potential human error

          -Data entry implemented with various sensors  (RFID, 2D data matrix, barcode)

          -Data logging for station monitoring

Broad industry experience in the integration of electro-mechanical systems.

Providing turn-key installation, on-site training and service to expedite implementation.

Local support to accommodate modifications.

State of the Art Technology


PROD Design & Analysis is focused on leading edge technology that embeds quality to solve practical manufacturing needs.

Four key technologies where PROD excels.


-Medical instrument industry

-Automotive component industry

-Electronics industry

-Heavy industrial & mining