Machine Vision

Operator dependent processes, such as mechanical assembly, can often only be verified by visual or functional testing. In applications where the inspection is critical, human visual inspection has a limited role and it is more often the case that automated machine vision systems play a larger role. These systems are a key enabler of embedded quality systems. They provide consistent and repeatable methods of inspection and increase defect detection.

There is a wide variety of vision systems available, ranging from low resolution part presence to high resolution systems capable of making full measurements. Other considerations may significantly impact the implementation success of one of these systems, including lighting, processing speed, and analysis tools. Our experience with vision systems can help in directing your efforts to a successful visual inspection that is consistent and repeatable and will not get tired.

PROD integrates vision systems directly into automated equipment to reduce processes, floor space, and production associates. We are focused on using Cognex vision systems that include the Cognex Checker, Insight, and Datama product families.