Precision Motion

Our primary focus in integrating either linear or 3D intelligent actuators is to provide a user friendly interface to the technology, including diagnostics and troubleshooting tools that are integrated into the equipment. Additionally, we provide robust designs that will stand up to the most demanding production environments. By integrating these design attributes in our equipment, we have found that the equipment operation and maintenance become transparent in manufacturing, allowing our customers to focus on their product and not the equipment.

More and more is the case that the assembly and testing of components require close observance of precision and forces exerted by actuators. PROD has moved away from low cost pneumatic actuators to intelligent actuators to address these challenges.

‚ÄčThe general family of robo cylinders is one type of actuator utilized by PROD in industrial equipment. They offer custom control over position, speed, acceleration, and torque (thrust) that are simply non-existent in pneumatic cylinders. With programmable parameters, settings are configured and production variability is minimized. In addition to linear motion, PROD has extensive experience with 3D motion through the use of industrial robots.