Electrical Test Fixtures

Mechanical Test Fixtures

Functional testing provides another means of ensuring high quality production. This may come in the form of a combination of actuators and sensors that simulate the intended use. These testers are, however, heavily dependent on product application and are always custom built.

It is often the case that analog signals are required, such as a variable pressure applied to a flow valve to measure an analog flow rate. In certain cases, a common interface is required for dedicated tester, such as a Teradyne electrical test station. In either case, PROD's experience with industry wide practices provides for a consistent, reliable solution.

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-Component Destructive Press

-Component Recovery Press

-Manual Assembly Press

-Measurement Gauges

-Go/No Go GaugesClear, repeatable marking.

PROD Design & Analysis, Inc., designs and fabricates various mechanical test fixtures. This general category includes:

​In general, these mechanical fixtures allow for secondary operations to aid the manufacturing process and keep production rates up using simple fixtures.