Electrical & Software Engineering

All automated solutions require special consideration to control.  Our staff of engineers and technicians provide the complete solution, ensuring that mechanical implementations are equally matched with innovate controls implementation to ensure optimized equipment and operator interactions.  From heavy industrial applications requiring 480VAC down to dedicated printed circuit boards operating at 1.5VDC, our team provides optimized solutions.  Our electrical design capabilities include circuit design and layout (Eagle) as well as schematic representation (AutoCAD).  In software, our staff is dedicated to supporting a wide range of control platforms based on customer needs.  These include PLC based solutions (Allen-Bradley, Siemens) as well as PC based platforms (Fortran, VisualBasic, LabView).  A heavy sprinkle of understanding customer needs has rendered solutions that provide robust operator interfacing (HMI’s) as well as troubleshooting and diagnostic tools to provide user-friendly equipment.