There are many industries that require product identification and trace ability. In applications where variable data (serial numbers, batch code, date code, etc.) is required, laser markers are quickly becoming the preferred method of product marking. The key differentiating characteristics of lasers versus conventional methods (hot stamp, dot peen, ink jet, etc) include:

  • Clear, repeatable marking.
  • Long, service-free life (no mechanical wear or consumables).
  • High-speed marking (typically marked in milliseconds).
  • High product flexibility (mark on a range of plastics and metals).
  • Quick change through software (individualize mark in high-volume manufacturing).​​

PROD provides integration of laser markers directly into automated systems, where the marking becomes part of another operation. This reduces processes, floor space, and production associates. Direct readers (barcode, RFID, etc) can address applications where data integrity is critical, eliminating data transaction errors. Overall, laser markers increase product quality and reduce production cost through improved efficiency.

Our primary focus is on the safety of the people using and servicing the equipment. We pay close attention to ease of use, from day to day production ergonomics to equipment fault reporting. We provide robust designs that will stand up to the most demanding production environments. By integrating these design attributes in our equipment, we have found that the equipment operation and maintenance become transparent in manufacturing, allowing our customers to focus on their product and not the equipment.