PTS utilizes leading edge infrared camera technology to provide a non-contact method of detecting body temperature.  By using naturally emitted infrared energy from the body, along with a reference heat source to correlate it to a known temperature, this automated thermal scanner can identify potential health hazards in seconds.

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, people and industry are concerned about their health and well being.  Thermal cameras can be used as body temperature screening tools, which support the overall long-term health and security of your place of business, educational facility, or any other enclosed public space.

PROD Design has introduced the PTS Thermal Scanner to be quickly integrated into any facility.  Our technology offers automatic detection, temperature reporting, and ultimately a go / no-go indicator to assist in high traffic areas.  The station can be used as stand-alone or along with other security personnel to ensure that suspect individuals are submitted to additional screening.

Intended for indoor use, the Thermal Scanner is constructed using an open frame metal structure to provide low maintenance operation.   Our algorithm recognizes the human face and references the most reliable temperature reading.  Utilizing a high-resolution camera, the Thermal Scanner provides comparable performance to a temporal thermometer used in doctors’ offices, but with the benefit of keeping a safe social distance.


  • Non-contact / non-invasive screening
  • Defined enclosed space – provides for screening one person at a time
  • Automated screening process eliminates needs for PC and additional personnel
  • Infrared technology provides accurate and fast body temperature reading


  • Business – manufacturing facilities, warehouse, offices Consumer – groceries, retail stores, banking
  • Education – schools, colleges & universities
  • Entertainment – theaters, stadiums, other venues
  • Government – courthouses, international ports of entry, military facilities