Machine Data Systems refers to the general term that makes industrial equipment smart. In essence, it is the simple marriage of industrial equipment with information technology department. Be it storing key manufacturing parameters to be able to show trends and historical data, to the interconnection of machines to ensure that a production line can communicate from start to finish, PROD provides for a host of solutions.

By providing this integration directly on manufacturing equipment, real time analysis of production can be tracked and provide pro-active corrections to potential problems. In this arena, PROD has worked on various forms of Machine Data Systems, including:

* Integrated data server allowing for collection and storage of all manufacturing parameters used in specific device
* Retrieval of product sensitive information, including logos and artwork, from centralized server so as to be able to inspect finished goods with vision systems
* Positive confirmation that device has properly completed all assembly and test operations
* Real time manufacturing performance to identify problems in manufacturing floor, including OEE, troubleshooting screens, integrated diagnostics